Aurelio Blanquet

Director, Division of Automation and Telecommunications & Chair EE-ISAC



Aurélio Blanquet has an MBA in Business Administration and is graduated in Electronics Engineering.

Since 1st January is Director of the Networks Digital Platform in EDP Distribuição, the Portuguese DSO, with the responsibility for Mission Critical ICS and SCADA, Digital Grid, Connectivity, OT Cybersecurity and the supervision and operation of Critical Services.

Previously, he was Director of Automation and Telecommunications since 2007.

He was Chair of the EE-ISAC (European Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Centre from 2015-2017, and is Vice-Chair of EUTC (European Utilities Telecommunications Council), Member of the Assembly Committee of ENCS (European Network for Cyber Security), Member of the Board of Directors of Prime Alliance and member of Eurelectric WG ADSM (Active Distribution System Management).

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