Wide Area Monitoring for Real-Time Situational Awareness

Our recent audience research for NextGen Scada Europe 2018 revealed that Wide Area Monitoring for Real-Time Situational Awareness is one of the most pressing issues on utilities’ minds today. As new capacity addition and renewables integration continues to exacerbate grid complexity and undermine its stability, utilities are searching for new ways to expand their network visibility and monitoring and better prevent outages. And it was with this specific issue in mind that we invited Arjen Jongepier, Innovation & Sustainability Manager at Enduris, and Gert Rietveld, Senior Scientist at VSL, to present their current work in this area.

Arjen and Gert explained: “Increasing deployment of dispersed generation in the medium and low voltage network, combined with the increasing sensitivity and vulnerability of industrially and domestically applied power electronics require better understanding and management of the dynamic behaviour of distribution systems. TSO based applications of synchro phasor measurements, such as island detection and WAMS/WAPS are not quite shaped to support the control and management of distribution specific characteristics: lower inertia, shorter distances, many more customers, lower observability. Distribution management system applications must therefore be adapted to DSO specific needs. Examples are real-time harmonics reporting and power system vulnerability assessments.

Enduris and VSL have installed a set of synchro phasor measurement units to collect field data, and initiated a research programme with universities to support R&D in this area. Both bottom-up electrical power system analyses and top-down big data mathematics are being applied to investigate promising applications: detection and classification of anomalies/events, grid parameter assessment, and vulnerability/stability assessment. 
At NextGen SCADA Europe 2018 we will present our first wave of results and invite researchers and developers to take part in this programme and make use of the collected field data.

This presentation will be one of 20+ utility case-studies scheduled to take place at NextGen Scada Europe 2018. Additionally, we are pleased to offer a number of technology innovation panels, a series of intimate roundtable discussions, live demo labs of the latest SCADA solutions, an exhibition of state-of-the-art SCADA systems and components, and an evening networking reception enabling you to power network with like-minded electric utility SCADA professionals.